MR S Cherry Bomb Whip

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Just when you thought your collection of whips couldn’t get any meaner, we find the nastiest whip we’ve seen in a long time. The ‘Cherry’ –the leaded, woven knob at the end of this 24 inch thumper - makes even the lightest tap a painful experience. Throw it a little harder and find out why we call it the Cherry Bomb. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to hurt on impact. A second or two later, you feel a centralized point of pain travel through your muscle. The Cherry Bomb will have even the serious pain pigs begging for mercy. 

Artisanal hand braided eight plaite. Handle weighted with fine lead shot bag gives you heft behind your throw. 

Meticulously built by hand in the USA. The "bellies" contain only the best available parts and the overlay is hand cut from carefully selected kangaroo leather. All the individual strands are pared and skived and if required hand dyed before they are tightly plaited.

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