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Mr S Leather CHP Officers Gloves

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CHP Motorcycle Officer Gloves

Ultra thin soft leather Police gloves.

    • These are the identical ones that the CHP wear in California.
    • Short at the wrist and they "fit like a glove".
    • If you like uniforms, these are the gloves to wear.
    • Feels good to wear them and feels good to have the person wearing them handle you.
    • The look of a black leather gloved hand on a hot guy just gives me a hard on.
    • Worn tight...sized from 7" to 13".

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the strong hand (e.g. the right if right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the hand at the widest part as shown and make a loose fist. Round the measurement to the nearest whole inch.

So thin that the motorcycle cop doesn't even have to take them off to write you a ticket.

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