MR S Neoprene Gas Mask Hood

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Hoods have always been our passion and this addition to the line is something we’re quite proud of. Mixing the best of two worlds, this is half gas mask and half super-comfortable neoprene hood. Zips up the back and easy to get on. The stretchy neoprene pulls the mask against your face making it the perfect piece for a breath control scene. Hose included. 

This Neoprene Gas Mask Hood is made from four custom cut back panels and sewn to a new Israeli civilian gas mask. It is a great looking and super sexy head trip. One of the many features is that you can actually use a standard blindfold inside this hood to cut out all light. Since this is a full hood, the straps on the blindfold won't affect the airtightness of the gas mask- and no need to black out the glass eyepieces. 

There's something about having your head fully enclosed in an airtight gas mask hood that is a fucking super turn on.... Made in San Francisco in the Mr. S Neoprene workshop. 

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