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Neoprene Pants & Tops

Neoprene Pants & Tops

Be Naughty in Neoprene

Neoprene is fast becoming one of the most popular looks on the fetish scene. This uber sexy synthetic rubber-like material is soft, super stretchy, body hugging and very comfortable to wear. It’s stylish, futuristic and with a hot ‘wet look’ which really shows off a sexy body. Neoprene is easy to clean so perfect for all your fetish adventures.

Here at Fetch our exciting range of Neoprene features: Harnesses, Jocks and Shorts, Pants, Shirts and Vests, Accessories and not forgetting Puppy Hoods! With colour options for you to show off your fetish. We stock an amazing range of hand stitched designs brought to you by Mr S Leather and Cellblock 13.


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